Summer/Fall 2002

Pop-pop and Grandmom Wilding visit Cedar Rapids  (Summer 2002)

Jake on an island in the Mississippi River near lock and dam #10 (Summer 2002)

Jake thinks he's got a big one, fishing near Cedar Rapids - Summer 2002

Celebrating Bill's 4th birthday in Ames, Iowa (on our 2-day visit that included the Iowa State Fair) August 2002


The city boys try out the latest farm equipment at the State Fair (Summer 2002)

Mall of America, Twin Cities, Minn. (Summer 2002)

Are we on TV? (Austin, Tx Summer 2002)

Martha with her Uncle Paul and Aunt Jane (Summer 2002)

Eeyore, Harry Potter, and their escort (Halloween 2002)

Paul, Ella, and Marci just before Ella's baptism 
(Cary NC, Nov 2002)

Ella's Mom and Aunt and Uncles in Cary for her baptism (Nov 2002)

Bill, Uncle Bill, Jake, and Gertie in front of the red wall that is part of the living room renovation (Nov 2002)

Sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in Cedar Rapids (Nov 2002)